FSD Pr3paredness Carnival 2019@SummerFest

Date: 31 Aug 2019 (Sat)
Time: 9am-4pm
Admission: Free
Website: summerfest-centralharbourfront.hk/fsd
Enquiry: 2802 0235
The “FSD PR3PAREDNESS Fun Day” aims to enhance public awareness of fire safety and emergency preparedness, educate and deliver to community about extinguishment and prevention of fire, self-help and helping others, as well as escape and evacuation when people are caught into various dangerous situations. This first-ever publicly-conducted fire services drills will certainly catch visitors’ focus. Kids may ride on the mini ambulance vehicles or dress up in firefighter uniforms, cosplaying a firefighting hero. Wide variety of activities and booths include fire engines, ambulance cars and equipment displays, fire safety education bus exhibition, inter-departmental counter-terrorism information and FSD mobile app information, etc.